that’s why my granny picks them, but i want to take a walk with a local ‘club’ to learn more. my granny only knows a few selected well enough.

my granny went mushroom picking. it was delicious.
(here: boletus and chanterelle)

more dogfood. fresh batch sheep, poultry and beaf heart.

yummy raw dog food. rumen.

color differences.
apple sauce versus apple jelly.

bff and i picked some apples and made applesauce and jelly.

feet are my least favorite body part. even though i admire them for carrying me around the whole day, they just look funny.

my hand and an earthworm.

lizard (?)

making a pattern for a dress (at 0143 am but okay).

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my brother cooked while under inflyence tonight. (it looked disgusting, pasta with strange smelling sauce)

he wrote:
“well, you have to like liverwurst, then it’s good. if not, don’t touch!! sincerely eric! p.s. i’ve cooked better before…”

i am at my aunt’s today and we’re sewing awesome stuff.