sun set @ 0730 pm.
today it was cold, so cold in fact, that i can see my breath right now!
there was also a thunderstorm. and then the sun was back again.

like an old married couple.
(they slept like this on their own, seriously, they always hog the blanket)

a gif of me doing crow pose. you probably don’t see much.

my mother and i decided to go to a newly re-opened museum today.

yay! lol…

swan pendant ca 1901 by atelier philippe wolfers

nordamerican mammut.

zoology department.

snails color coordinated.

i’m being silly. testing out my brother’s personal computer (haha).

i’m being silly. 
testing out my brother’s personal computer (haha).

bakin’ cookies for ma baby.
yummy dog treats.

started some livieto madre. (for ciabatta in about a week)

5 ways social media is changing your brain right now - asap science

does anybody know this mushroom? i’ve seen it last year, too. same tree if i remember correctly.
it looks like a fuzzy fur ball :)

edit: i think it might be a hericium erinaceus, but it’s seldom i read. 


drawstringtrash asked:

Have you heard, or do you know of, any yoga routines that could possibly help with diabetes? My mom and dad both have it and I'm trying to convince to try some more holistic management methods. Any help would be great!



I personally don’t know of any, but I’m sure you can find some online :)

Are they type II diabetic? A professor of mine told us that Momordica charantia (bitter melon) has an anti-diabetic effect. I don’t know anybody that has actually taken it, but I guess it’s worth a try! There are supplements out there one could take as I hear that the actual fruit is not so tasty.