new morning ritual: get up preferably before 6am, walk the dog and than eat breakfast on the bathroom floor with the kitten. then get ready myself and be outside the door at seven. now i only have to get my ass up even earlier (half an hour) to get the 0655 train instead of driving with the car each day.

turns out she’s got her tibia fractured…

installed the first light in my best friends new flat.

first few days outside - first street fight. poor kitty got bitten into her thigh. needs comfort now.

finding a feather to tell me that i am on the right path?

kitty news: kitten got rid of her lady bits today.
while some may think that after a major operation like this one would like to sleep kitty has another opinion. she figured out how to open doors (attack the door knob until door opens) and that led to me sticking her into her transport box. she’s not a happy camper…

borago officinalis.
yummy in my salad.

frozen vegetables in ice cube form for the dog.


lamium galeaobdolom.

ficaria verna.
go make a salad.

pulmonaria officinalis.
for pesto and salads and tea.

after two weeks of f*cking bronchitis i am healthy again and able to breath without coughing every five seconds. yay. celebrated with a walk with my friend and our doggies.