today has been so humid without any real sunshine and now it’s raining and maybe, maybe not there’ll be a thunderstorm but the weather god isn’t sure yet. also both kitten and dog decided that now with doom pending it’s the best time to go for a walk.


appreciate my uncoolness.

(photo credit goes to my best friend A)

i am having trouble grasping the concepts of hypothetically traveling to the past altering the future before the point in the future time-travel. 

(don’t bother this post)

plantain salve you can put on nearly everything.
didn’t have an appropriate jar but i have a gazillion mosquito stings and plantain is excellent in soothing the itching.

kitty. #catsofinstagram

OMG a friend of mine gave birth this morning and she didn’t even notice she was pregnant. i always thought this was stuff for trashy TV shows. seriously how can you not notice that you’re having a bun in the oven???

verbascum thapsus.
one of them standing there is higher then me and i am 5’9”


Heartbeats || Jose Gonzalez

new wallpaper for the master bedroom. my father was … thrilled. lol.

eat up. sour-sweet breakfast with black raspberries. they have a lot of anti-oxidants (proanthocyanidine).

found a recipe to remove facial hair. (here on tumblr, but i forgot which had it posted… but i am trying to find) thought i’d try it for nasty hair on my upper lip.

(the stuff i put on my chin is just for show. after all you should laugh at least once a day and i think i can totally rock the beard)

essentially you mix 1tsp oat flour with 1tsp honey and a few drops lemon juice, put it on your face for 15 min and repeat this a few times a week. after four weeks the hair is supposed to be gone.

we’ll see how this works out but at least honey makes skin as soft as a babe’s derrière (is there a saying like this in english? we have one in german) and your pimples shall be gone. the oats give a nice soft peeling too and if all fails you can just have it licked of your face; it tastes really good.

dipsacus fullonum.

i am always happy to learn new plants. found this a few weeks ago but only today by chance found out what it actually is.