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New challenge!!

bathroom selfie in between lectures.
i guess i just wanted to be cool for one time.

#20 standing mermaid pose 

self-timer played against me and wouldn’t capture the actual pose…. so whatever.

bathroom selfie.
i wanted to be cool.

#19 wide-legged forward fold — prasirata padottanasana

"As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live." — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Faust: First Part)

(by the way one of my favorite books)

we are family.
brother, my shoes, dog, mom&dad.

Sunday afternoon family outing.

We visited our old “cabin” (very first picture). My mother’s side of the family had rented it for over 30 years until it was sold. Since the whole valley was sold and not only the house, we didn’t really had a chance to hold on to it. When the owner changed he did some renovations… Not all to our liking  and he wouldn’t renew our contract anyway. Sometimes we drive out and take a walk there.

It is a truly magical place, there is no cell phone reception and when we still had the house there was only an outdoor toilet, no running water and no electricity. Not everybody’s cup of tea, but we all loved it there in the summer.

The middle pictures are the tree constructions my cousins, brother and I built when we were smaller. I can’t believe they’re still standing… we must’ve built them about ten years ago. We always had archery tournaments, sword fights and just were outside all day long (note: until four years ago i was the only girl, so no, i didn’t really play with dolls). My uncle has a knack for survival training so he made us do all sorts of dares… and showed us stuff. Once we made a inipi (sweat lodge).

Last picture is the small chapel of the village. Yes, our house, the chapel and another house behind ours was a whole village once upon a time.

munching on a pear.

#18 wheel pose — urdhva dhanurasana

"Yoga is not about self-improvement, it’s about self-acceptance" — Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa


hi to all you (new) followers, nice of you to join me.

have a great day :-)

so we have this steam vacuum cleaner (i don’t really now what you’d call it in english) and it is so fucking loud and my dad needs like an hour to clean the living room floor and i swear if he isn’t going to stop soon…. argh. men that buy household items, i swear. so damn annoying…


dich sein lassen
ganz dich

dass du nur du bist
wenn du alles bist
was du bist
das Zarte
und das Wilde
das was sich losreißen
und das was sich anschmiegen will

Wer nur die Hälfte liebt
der liebt dich nicht halb
sondern gar nicht
der will dich zurechtschneiden

#17 wild thing pose — camatkarasana

"Nada hay absoluto, todo se cambia, todo se mueve, todo revoluciona, todo vuela y se va." — Frida Kahlo

(“Nothing is absolute, everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away”)